De langerhanska öarna

Klockriketeatern presents, for the first time in a Finnish production, Ylva Ekblad and Stina Ekblad together on stage.

The new drama, De langerhanska öarna, written by Susanne Ringell, premiers in Espoon kaupunginteatteri on 27th September 2017. After Espoo, tho show goes on tour and can be seen in Vaasa, Turku, Helsinki and Stockholm.

Playwright Ringell describes the play as a playful dystopia. We meet two sisters in a room. They have each other, but that seems to be the only thing they have - and are sure about.

De langerhanska öarna is an inner poetic drama, but also an inner political struggle.


Klockriketeatern: De langerhanska öarna

Text: Susanne Ringell
Translation to Finnish: Laura Ruohonen (textning)
Director: Ulrika Bengts
Scenography: Katrin Brännström
Costume design: Linn Wara
Music: Peter Hägerstrand
Lights: Mari Agge
Actors: Stina Ekblad, Ylva Ekblad



Photos: Frida Lönnroos

27.9 Espoon kaupunginteatteri, Louhisali Premiere
28.9 Espoon kaupunginteatteri, Louhisali
29.9 Espoon kaupunginteatteri, Louhisali
30.9 Espoon kaupunginteatteri, Louhisali
11.10 Åbo Svenska Teater, Big stage
17.10 Kansallisteatteri, Small stage
18.10 Kansallisteatteri, Small stage
8.11 Wasa Teater, Big stage
9.11 Wasa Teater, Big stage
10.11 Wasa Teater, Big stage
​December, Stockholm Dramaten, Small stage