Klockrike is a nomad theatre company, that wanders the world like the drifter in Harry Martinson's novel The Road.

We move across boarders to new places, asking questions, staying curious. We are interested in the human experience and the artistic process.

Since the beginning of 2016 Klockriketeatern operates without a permanent theater space – the world is our stage. Collaborations with groups and artists both in Finland and internationally are key to our productions, as well as multilingualism as an artistic practice.


Klockrike co-operates with a lot of different theaters and stages.

Accessibility is of big consideration to us, and we work for equality and intersectionalism in the theater world.

Benefit association

Klockriketeatern is operated by Klockriketeatern r.f.

As a member of the association you get advance tickets and can participate in differens reference groups.

Join Klockriketeatern r.f. by paying the yearly fee of 20 euros to Aktia FI03 4055 7020 0574 37. Enter your name and e-mail address in the message field.

You can also e-mail us at

Klockriketeatern is supported by

Statens scenkonstkommission/Taike
Helsingfors kulturcentral
Svenska kulturfonden
Föreningen Konstsamfundet
– and the audience. Thank you!


Dan Henriksson
Artistic director
+358 407 033 008

Eeva Bergroth
+358 40 4873620

Ida Henrikson

Carl Alm

Julia Hovi
Project coordinator

Sebastian Hornborg
Production coordinator




Tom Grönberg, chair
Susanna Sonninen
Ragni Grönblom-Jolly
Mikael Paul
Kirsinkka Moring
Jesper Karlsson
Carl Alm

IBAN FI03 4055 7020 0574 37
FO-nr: 1009719-2